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Arinos Lanka joined Career Fair in Moratuwa

Arinos Lanka joined career fair held in Moratuwa University. Moratuwa University is the most prestigeous university in Sri Lanka, especially in IT, Mechanical and Electrical Enjineering fields.

Arinos Lanka concentrated in support for Sri Lankan engineers to work in Japan as a professional engineers. It actually list up more than 10 positions for job vacancies.

In Japan, there are more and more shortage of workforce due to the rapid downsizing of population. This is the critical issue of Japanese economy, and the Japanese goverment tries to settle the issue by collecting foreign manpowers.

Arinos Lanka expext that the current legal criteria be loosed and that a lot of foreigners can have more opportunties of working in Japan with higher standard of salary.

Please do not sustain from contacting us on woking opportunity in Japan. We will help you.

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